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Eaglebrook’s staff has extensive experience working with developers, property owners, and national retailers on the design, layout, and permitting of commercial sites. Commercial site designs often involve competing interests. Having the knowledge and understanding of each party’s objectives is crucial to being able to balance the requirements of the landowner, end user and regulatory officials. Eaglebrook’s experience can guide you through the design, permitting, and construction process to a successful project completion.
CVS, Malden Massachusetts
Eaglebrook provided engineering services for the development of a standalone 12,000 sf CVS store.  Eaglebrook was responsible for the site design and stormwater management system, and assisted with permitting the site with the City of Malden and construction layout services.  The stormwater management system was designed to eliminate illicit discharges to the municipal sewer system, and incorporated a variety of mitigation measures including vegetated swales, a subsurface infiltration system, stormwater quality devices and closed conduit conveyance.
Middlesex Avenue, Medford Massachusetts
Eaglebrook guided Mystic Paving through a complicated permitting and site design process for the development of a 10,000 sf building to house their paving equipment and serve as a base for their business. The property was adjacent to wetlands, the MBTA, and was formerly owned by the Boston & Maine Railroad. In order to develop the site the owner had to satisfy the requirements of the Medford Conservation Commission, Medford Building Department, MWRA, and the Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation. Eaglebrook designed the site incorporating Low Impact Design techniques to mitigate stormwater runoff and enhance the wetland buffer in order to satisfy the Medford Conservation Commission. We permitted two 8(m) permits with the MWRA for work within or adjacent to MWRA water & sewer transmission lines, and permitted the site with the Secretary of Transportation.
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